Dear person reading this,

Are you – like so many these days – overwhelmed with simple tasks that don’t do justice to your skill-set?

Stress not, we are here to help!

We are an outsourcing company based in London – “Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Whoa! Slow down, Usain Bolt! You’re jumping the gun a bit, aren’t you? But we are more interested in getting rid of your worries. We are an outsourcing company because of our ability to identify areas in which you require assistance and our commitment to providing you with solutions by finding cost-efficient employees who can bring knowledge and expertise to your company’s Customer Service, Sales, and Back Office departments.

More than that, we are an outsourcing company because of our strong desire to help businesses – both new and old – to survive in what is becoming an increasingly brutal environment.

“Hang on. What the hell makes you think I’d trust you with any part of my business?” Well, there are a plethora of reasons for trusting us – and you’ll be glad to hear that none of them involve blackmail; But, before we get into those, we’d like to highlight the that we’d merely be finding places in your business that could be done more cheaply and efficiently by virtual employees and, once you are happy and comfortable with what we’ve found, we’d facilitate the transfer of services. We will not be doing anything that you are not happy for us to do.

So, why should you trust us?

1) Weekly Analytics – Well firstly, given that we offer you the service of weekly analytics, you don’t have to blindly believe our words on the benefits of outsourcing – the outcomes will be there for you to see. What’s more, based on the goals that you want to achieve (which you provide us with beforehand), you will have a tangible idea of how close those goals are to being achieved. This is doubly useful as most new businesses do not currently have the means to closely monitor data with regards to their goals beyond finances and individual employee statistics.

Our analytics ensure a more detailed account of statistics, the performance of the virtual employees, traffic generated as well as a clearer picture of your consumers. Oh, and on top of that, our analytics software means that looking at endless bits of data might not make you feel like a slug trying to cross the road. Who knows, it might make it fun.

2) Training – Secondly, given that one of the big challenges businesses face is a rapidly-changing environment filled with growing technologies which makes it hard to keep operations up-to-date, outsourcing through us makes perfect sense. The fact that we both recruit and train employees based on your needs means that your business is pretty much immune from the problem of not being able to keep up as you are no longer at the mercy of hoping for traits by choosing from a particular bunch of applicants but rather, you have the power to apply a particular bunch of traits to your prospective employees.

As we provide the training, you need not worry about the qualifications of those candidates – or indeed about running the kind of tedious training sessions which only serve to give an insight into what James May’s life must be like. It can be hard to foresee changes in the business environment – especially for new businesses – but with the flexibility of employees we offer, you will be able to adapt more seamlessly whenever the inevitable need to adapt presents itself.

3) Cost Reduction – Thirdly, outsourcing with us guarantees a saving on loads of costs; costs which seem small at first but become molar-crushingly frustrating when you look at the figure of expenditure. Things like office space, equipment, hardware, and all the associated safety, security, and training costs that come with them will all be gone. Now, while that saving’s far from being the critical difference between whether your business is a success or failure, it could make a difference with regards to how quickly you settle down as a business and even how quickly you manage to achieve your goals. The amount you save by not having to pay for things that add minimal value to your business can be spent on things that do add value to your business.

Further still, the fact that we have operatives in London and the UK along with a 24-hour service means that you don’t have to worry about having parts of your business which have no obvious physical presence. The savings made by this makes outsourcing with us – especially for start-ups – a no-brainer as saving as much as possible is often the priority for start-ups, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all.